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Our Coaches

Ryan Desormeaux

    I’ve come to realize that exercise has the potential to be more than just something we squeeze into our schedule a few times a week. If we invest the energy and time, it has the power to make many other facets of our lives incrementally better as well. At some point, we’ve all experienced it with working out: the harder we work and more consistent we are, the more we want to clean up other areas of our life too.


    For many of us, whether we are competitive by nature or avoid it like the plague, training with others who are working towards similar goals builds that fire within us…AND makes the whole trip a lot more fun. One of my main goals in training clients is always the same; to let people leave all of their ‘baggage’ at the door and empower them to surprise themselves with what they are actually physically capable of.


    CrossFit Level 1 Certified, as well as USA Olympic lifting certified. Licensed Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer. Played every sport ever since I could walk which is where my competitive nature comes from. Started lifting weights at the age of 12 after a girl I had a crush on called me FAT at the water fountain in middle school. That turned into a passion and since then I’ve never spent more than a week away from the gym.


    I Got into Bodybuilding which is where I learned everything about nutrition. 17 years of Boxing, and have been Wakeboarding since 2008.Other than training people, my passion is training Thoroughbred Racehorses. They are the most elite athletes on the planet and by far the hardest to train.


    What can I say, I love the challenge!

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