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Online Personal Training

100% tailored to your needs! All fitness and nutrition plans are based on your current condition and ultimate goal while considering your access to workout equipment, experience, and food preferences.

 Your program is conveniently delivered right to your mobile device. Track your measurements and workouts right in our app.



  • Body Fat Reduction & Habit Alteration.

  • Nutrition Coaching & Meal Planning.

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaching.

  • Physique & Figure Training.

  • Beginner to Advanced Exercise Programming.

  • 5k, 10k, Boxing and MMA conditioning, and Sport Related conditioning Programs

Fit For Flight Tumbling

Our tumbling program for kids 3 years old and up. Adults are welcome too! Our coaches specialize in tumbling, cheer prep, strength and flexibility.


We have discounts for families with multiple participants, as well as parents can workout in the main gym for only $10 per month when your little ones are enrolled in tumbling.


The only gym in Louisiana where the parents can workout while the children tumble!

Ninja Warrior

Do you have what it takes? Ninja classes brings together the best of gymnastics, strength training and parkour that will challenge your child and improve their overall fitness and confidence! Let Fit For Flight introduce your child to what is being called the latest craze in physical fitness and strength training for kids and adults.

Students will learn how to negotiate challenging obstacles such as the pegboard climb, swinging rings, shaky balance beam and rope climb as well as beginner to intermediate level gymnastics skills. They will start the class with an age-appropriate strength and conditioning program designed to get your child in shape!


Don’t just be fit, be NINJA fit!

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